Songs With Days Of The Week: A Full List

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Ready to start the weekend and need that perfect Friday song? Ending the weekend and looking for that much-needed Sunday song? Feeling lost in love or life? Maybe you are looking to bring some nostalgia to your life or introduce your children or friends to the music of your youth that got you through the week.

Maybe you found that special someone and is looking for that song to make “our song” but are looking to get away from the traditional picks.

No matter the day or the emotion there is a song for it Think back to a time when anything was possible? What song was playing? Think of a time when it seemed the world was caving in around you. Do you hear the song that was playing?

Now picture this, it is a Friday night and you and the girls are headed out for ladies’ night. What song are you choosing? Or maybe it is a Saturday boy’s night and you need that perfect jam to set the night off right. Perhaps the season you are in your life is a little darker.

The demons you are battling seem to be winning and you need something that conveys the pain and sadness you are feeling. There is a song for you too. Music is something that many rely on to express what they cannot. It feeds the soul and fuels our energy. Check out these 30 songs with days of the week to see if they fuel your fire.

Songs With Days Of The Week

1. A Sunday Kind of Love- Etta James

This song was featured on her debut album At Last. It was first sung by Fran Warren and Claude Thomehill before the velvety blues rendition by Ms. James. She sings of finding a love that she can get serious about and that will last in her unique blues voice. While a bit on the slower side it is beautifully sung.

2. Blue Sunday – The Doors

Another song on the slower side finds lead singer Jim Morrison singing of love. The band wrote the song hoping to reconnect with their original sound from 1965. Jim sings of finding his love, “This girl, she is my world. She is my girl.” A great song if you are looking to serenade your special someone that is not K.C and JoJo (no offense guys).

3. Friday – Rebecca Black

This pop song was sung when she was in the eighth grade. Her grandmother had paid for her to be able to sing, record, and create a music video to gain some real-world experience. She sings of getting together with friends for the weekend and having some fun.

A catchy tune to start your weekend, especially for the younger audiences. In fact, the lyrics are the reason Ms. Black chose this song to record over the other option which was about adult love, something she had not yet experienced and did not feel comfortable singing about.

4. Hello Friday- Flo Rida

This rap song, written by Flo Rida features the vocal talents of Jason Derulo. It is an upbeat song with a ready for the weekend feel. The song includes the weekday and how good it feels to reach Friday. There is some language and adult content in the lyrics so listeners beware.

Expert Tip: Language aside this song will get you up on your feet and feeling good in no time. Bonus for those of you who enjoy Patron, it is mentioned in the lyrics on a number of occasions. If you are a fellow enjoyer of this tequila have one to cheer along to this song.

5. Manic Monday – The Bangles

The song was written by Prince using an alias and was the band’s first hit. If you are feeling a little rushed or stressed but need a song with a pick-me-up beat, then this pop song is for you. Channel your inner Loreila Gilmore (kudos if you get the reference) and feel ready to start your week.

6. Saturday-21 Pilots

Their newest album, Scaled and Ice, was recorded during the height of the Covid pandemic. It was written by frontman Tyler Johnson to convey his emotions during this time. Although it sounds like an upbeat song it conveys emotions of the darker side. The pandemic took a lot away from a lot of people.

Loss of loved ones and friends, loss of being able to spend time with others, loss of graduations, proms, and all celebrations of life and love. This song hits all the heavy emotions without leaving a heavy feeling.

7. Sunday Morning – No Doubt

This song was released in 1997 after the breakup of lead singer Gwen Stefani and trumpet player Tony Kanal. The two were together for seven years before Tony called it quits and blindsided Gwen with his decision. Gwen sings of regaining her confidence and self-worth while the bridge takes a direct hit at Tony. Girl power Gwen!

8. Naked Sunday – Stone Temple Pilots

Written by lead singer Scott Weiland in 1992, he addresses his feelings of anger toward God and religion. In an interview with Metal Hammer, he was quoted as “they switch off people’s minds and control the masses.”

This was in reference to organized religion with which he was having a hard time. Scott was an altar boy and is not anti-God but was facing a crisis of faith and religion. If you are finding yourself in the same boat, this is the song for you.

9. Just Got Paid – Johnny Kemp

This song may not have a day of the week in the title, it is the perfect Friday anthem. With lyrics such as “Just got paid, It’s Friday night, Party huntin.” Friday nights are the iconic party night and this song is timeless. It is an upbeat pop song to listen to while you and your crew are looking for that Friday party.

10. Freaky Friday – Lil Dicky

This parody-type song features artist, Chris Brown. It is a comedic song in which the two swap bodies and lives. The video pays homage to Lindsay Lohan’s remake of Freaky Friday. Fair warning to those with children around, there is quite a bit of language in this song.

11. Friday I’m In Love- The Cure

This upbeat song was released in 1992 with a much different sound than you would expect from the band. It takes the listener through the days of the week until you reach Friday, the best day. It is a great song for the end-of-day commute home.

12. Sunday Mornings – Maroon 5

In the 2005 album Songs About Jane, lead singer Adam Levine takes us on a journey of passion. He sings of just wanting to get back to his love and that is all he sees when in the darkest of places. Missing your special someone and wanting to return to lazy Sundays, then this is the song for you.

13. Blue Monday – Orgy

Transport yourself back to the days of teenage angst with this song off their Candy Ass album. A song about being hurt, demeaned, and controlled by someone you love singing with a voice-only found in the lead singer of this band.

14. Saturday Nights – Khalid featuring Kane Brown

A beautiful song about the pain we walk around with and try to hide from everyone. That is until we meet that person we can fully trust and open ourselves up to.

Expert Tip: If you are masking your pain or questioning if you can trust a person in your life, check out this song. It may just be the anthem for the season in your life.

15. Saturday Night – Drowning Pool

Released after the death of the original lead singer, this song still packs a lot of punch. It is a rock song about living life to the fullest when it feels like everything is always burning. With lyrics like “All my life is about these fights, every day is a new crisis” it is a song that can reach all of us at one point.

16. Saturday (Oooh! Ooooh!) – Ludacris

Another song to transport you back to the days of yesteryear. Luda delivers another hit in a way only he can. The song surrounds the joys of Saturday as only Luda can enjoy them. As with most Ludacris songs, it is full of language and content to be wary of around those with younger ears.

17. If We’re Not Back In Love By Monday – Merle Haggard

An old-school country-western song about a couple in trouble. They leave the kids with the grandparents and head off for a weekend getaway to save their love. Country western may not be the genre for you but if you find yourself in a hard spot in your relationship it could be the song that speaks to you.

18. American Saturday Night – Brad Paisley

Another catchy country song by Mr. Paisley. A song that covers street fairs fraternity parties, and kissing with that special someone. All the adventures of Saturday nights across America. It is a fun song about Saturday shenanigans.

19. Another Saturday Night – Sam Cooke

This 50’s pop song is about a man who is in a new town. He has seen lots of girls but has yet to meet one. He sings of being lonely on the weekends and enlisting the help of friends to find that special lady. Sam Cooke was shot and killed in 1964 at the age of 33 after breaking into the pop music scene in 1957.

He became an icon and role model alongside Ray Charles in the music industry.

20. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) – Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s pop hit might not be everyone’s flavor of music but you cannot deny it is catchy. The song recounts the many antics Katy discovers she was involved in last Friday night. Anyone waking up on Sunday learning of their own antics can surely relate.

21. Saturday Night At The Movies – The Drifters

A 1965 R&B song about a classic date night activity, going to the movies. It will take the listener back to a time of butterflies when they reflect on their dates at the movies.

22. Saturday Night’s For The Boys – Sir Elton John

This 1973 hit by Sir Elton John is for the guys. It is a Saturday night and it is time to head out and have some with your boys. A fun guy’s night anthem.

23. Tuesday Heartbreak – Stevie Wonder

Only Stevie Wonder can make heartbreak sound so happy. In this 1973 pop song, Stevie try’s to woo his girl back to him. He sings of all he would do to win back his love and manages to make loss seem less sad.

24. Friday – Ice Cube

If you are looking for a great 90’s throwback then this hip-hop song is for you. Released in 1992 this song has a great beat if you are looking to dance. There is some language so caution if little ears are around.

25. Black Saturday – Sound Garden

This song explores the dark side of depression and the cry for help people crave when they need to be pulled back from that darkness. The song demonstrates the transformation one feels when the veil of darkness starts to fade and a person starts to feel whole and new again.

Tragically the frontman, Chris Cornell died by suicide in 1994. If you or someone you know is struggling please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

26. It’s Friday – Smashproof

Another hip-hop song that sets the mood for Friday. After a long week of work, it is finally Friday, and as the song says “it’s time to get ready to get it poppiri.” Again, caution to those listening with children around as there is language.

Expert Tip: This song may not get you out on the dance floor it will definitely help to create that chill atmosphere that is sometimes needed after a long week.

27. Thank God It’s Monday – NOFX

A pop-rock song from the year 2000. It is a fast-paced, easy-to-understand song about the glory of long weekends. Of course, for NOFX they can afford to take long weekends or long weeks as the song suggests. But if a long weekend is all you can afford then this is still a song to set the tone for it.

28. 7 Days- Craig David

Another 2000 gem, this R&B song recants Craig’s week with a beautiful woman that he met at the train station. The song covers all the days of the week and has that classic R&B feel to it. The video features Craig in the barbershop as he recounts this week of fling to his boys and how he just can’t believe what happened.

You will also be able to hear the talents of Carlos Santana as he strums his guitar as no one else can.

29. Sunday Morning Coming Down – Johnny Cash

The man perpetually dressed in black croons about waking with a hangover. He goes out for a walk and is hit with the realization that he is alone. The music is surprisingly upbeat to the depth of the lyrics.

This song really highlights the demons that Johnny was plagued with and how deeply they impacted his life. After a weekend of drinking and fun and people in the end he is still alone and would rather drink and be stoned than being aware of this realization.

30. I Don’t Have To Be Me ( Til Monday) – Steve Azar

A fun country song about getting the weekend started a little early. As the song says “a little white lie” helped to gain a much-needed day off. It is a great song if the week has just been too much a day of bookie on Friday is just what you need to get a long weekend started.

While endorsing fibbing to your employer may not be the best thing, sometimes a person just needs a break.

This list is not an all-inclusive list but is a good start if you are looking to put a playlist together. Songs with days of the week span the decades and different genres of music. Personal favorites from this list are A Sunday Kind of Love, Sunday Morning, and Blue Monday.

Gwen Stefani and Etta James bring a unique sound and influence as women in music. Orgy has a techno/rock sound that has yet to be found again since they hit the scene. Unique sounds aside all songs on this list can speak to an emotion that someone is feeling or has felt and help them to find the words they cannot.

Party time, sad time, angry time, or just not ready time. These songs cover the gamut of days of the week and all the feelings that come with them.

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