Classic Banjo Songs: 10 Good Banjo Songs You Must Know

banjo songs

A lot of people have the misconception that playing the banjo is actually harder than playing the guitar but this is not always true because the success in playing the banjo has a lot to do with the commitment and dedication of the one playing the instrument. The banjo is considered as the most appropriate … Read more

15 Easy Songs To Play In Drop C Tuning

songs in drop c

Drop C tuning is popular in quite a few songs whose genres are usually on the heavier side, such as rock, metal, metalcore, and death metal, although it does occasionally lend itself to the blues and bluegrass music. Songs in Drop C tuning tend to be heavier with a deeper sound and an almost gritty … Read more

Punk Girl Bands: 5 Punk Rock Girl Bands That Will Inspire You

female punk bands

Spanning more than six decades the music genre and subculture known as ‘punk’ has gone through many changes and generations but the angsty spirit of the music has never withered away. This is especially true for female punk bands over the years with their often feminist approach to an already politically-charged genre, they could play … Read more

Pop Filter Vs Windscreen: Everything You Need To Know

windscreen vs pop filter

When singing or talking into a microphone and you hear plosive noises like “B” and “P,” by all means, you need to get a sound filter to lessen those problematic sounds. Your options are pop filter vs. windscreen. The choice between a pop filter and cheap foam that fits a metal screen is entirely up … Read more

How To Remove Echo In Audacity: A Step By Step Guide

audacity removes echo

First, the Audacity remove echo function in this free and open-source software is one of its many functions that help edit audio files and make them sound better. You can also use Audacity in the following: Removing sound reverb Removing background noise Removing vocals Recording audio Removing wind sound However, even with the use of … Read more

Best Noiseless Stratocaster Pickups: A Complete Guide

best noiseless strat pickups

Noiseless Strat pickups are widely used by famous guitar players like Slash. Joe Perry, and Zakk Wylde. They can be installed on ordinary Fender Stratocasters or Fender Telecasters. It is also possible to use them with other brands of guitars like Gibson Les Pauls or PRS Guitars. Noiseless pickups deliver the same great tone but … Read more

Are Michael Kelly Guitars Any Good? The Truth Revealed

michael kelly guitars review

Michael Kelly Guitars is a US Based musical instrument company that offers custom, top-quality guitars in many different styles. This company, based in Clearwater. Florida, is known worldwide for its high-caliber guitars and accessories. The primary goal at Michael Kelly Guitars is to provide high-quality and carefully crafted instruments available to everyone, from beginners to … Read more