2 Chord Guitar Songs: 20 Songs You Need To Know

Transitioning between numerous different chords is one of the most difficult things to learn when you first start playing guitar. Most songs have a variety of chords, which takes a lot of practice to get the fingers to move smoothly and rapidly between them. With so many chords, strumming patterns, and other things to master … Read more

Karaoke Duets: 20 Karaoke Duet Songs

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Voice Looper: How To Pick The Right One For Your Voice

best vocal looper

Are you a singer who would like to enhance your performances with a vocal looper? Many of the best crooners with solid natural talent are using enhancements to their voices. These performers may want to create vocal loops that play in the background while they sing the melody over the top. Perhaps your vocals are … Read more

Best Karaoke Songs 90s: The Top 50

Nothing like a good old-fashioned karaoke session for bringing back memories of the 1990s. Whether you are a lover of 90s music or simply want to add some nostalgic songs to your repertoire. Dust off those Spice Girls platform boots, dig out your long-lost bandanna and acid-wash denim because we’re heading back to the idyllic … Read more

Cello Price: How Much Should A Cello Cost In 2023

There are a lot of factors at play that determines the cost of a cello. The construction techniques, the materials used, the quality of sound, and even the fame of the cello maker can all influence the price. So, how much does a cello cost? Well, it depends on what kind of cello you need. … Read more

Guitar Riff: 15 Simple Guitar Riffs For Beginner Players

Guitar riffs are one of the foundations of modern music. This term refers to a piece of music that sets the tone and overall harmony of the entire composition. The ability to compose guitar riffs is essential for every guitarist, just to come up with the texture and general outline of the composition. The history … Read more