Best Trumpet Brands: Top 5 Trumpets For Beginner & Pro Players

best trumpet

When it comes to musical instruments, the trumpet is one of the most famous and most widely played. It belongs to the brass family and has a cylindrical metal tube, a flared bell, and a cup-shaped mouthpiece. You can easily recognize the trumpet with its bright, penetrating tone. It is one of the main components … Read more

Best Drum Heads: 5 Best Sounding Drum Heads For Your Drums

best drum heads

Drumheads are made of plastic surfaces which are used to cover the top and bottom of the drum. Since the early days of drum sets, they have been made of animal skins. A typical drumhead in terms of material today is composed mainly of plastic and is surrounded by a metal collar. Currently, there are … Read more

Drum Sander Reviews: 5 Best Drum Sanders For All Your Needs

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If you are DIYers or woodworkers who primarily work with large projects, then reliable, effective, and the best Drum Sander is a necessary tool for getting your work done correctly. As per its name, Sanders comes with a spinning cylinder or, say, drum, covered with replaceable sandpaper with a conveyor belt to feed the workpiece … Read more

15 Easy Guitar Songs You Can Play With No Capo

beginner guitar songs no capo

Sometimes when you want to learn a song, you’ll notice the tutorial or tabs indicate the use of something called a capo. A capo is a guitar accessory that works as a substitute for your barre finger, allowing you to play barre chords and other figures with an open hand. However, maybe you don’t have … Read more

20 Best Songs About Betrayal

songs about betrayal of trust

One of the hardest and most heartbreaking experiences is the feeling of being betrayed by someone you love. Sometimes it is a slow realization of the betrayal, and sometimes it comes out of the blue to haunt us, and like most things around human nature, it’s complex. Along with betrayal, you can feel sad, lonely, … Read more

20 Best Songs About Trusting Someone & Honesty

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Trust is one of the most difficult feelings for humans to achieve. Many of us trust only a few people in our lives, while others don’t trust anyone. Additionally, many people struggle with trust issues, especially in the age of technology. So ifs safe to say that trust is a major topic of conversation these … Read more

20 Best Songs About Pain & Being Hurt

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Pain is a universal feeling. We all experience it at least once in our lives. So it’s not surprising that our favorite artists and musicians go through it too and channel this feeling into their art . Songs about pain are everywhere you look, and almost every musician has released at least one. Here are … Read more

20 Powerful Songs About Freedom

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The First Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees freedom to its citizens; other foreign democratic governments also have political precepts that provide freedom to their people. Why then are people still fighting for its existence? From time immeasurable, freedom has been penned in songs. The lyrics poignantly point to the illusiveness of freedom for … Read more